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Taekwondo is the Best Martial Art for Kids, Teenagers, and Adults!
Our programs starting at $74 per week.
Affordable, Fun, and Educational
Then take it to the next level as an Adult in the Art of Hapkido!

Give them the benefit of learning Taekwondo and self defense along with learning how to make the right decisions in day to day life, not just throw kicks and punches. We also teach learn life lessons, respect for themselves and others, and setting goals to obtain physical fitness in a controlled environment with discipline and structure. (we are not a daycare) . Give them a gift that they will take with them their entire life. The children will be picked up at their school and transported to our facility. Once there they will have a snack, put on their uniforms and attend a one hour Taekwondo class daily. After their class they will have homework and activity time.
We start kids from 5-Years and up!. Give us a call for more information.

Benefit from Learning Martial Arts 
Learning martial arts can promote childrens self-regulation skills and mental health by improving mediation between thoughts and actions in response to a physical challenge. This is in addition to all of well-known health benefits associated with exercising.

The impacts of learning Taekwondo on childrens well-being.

1. In general, learning Taekwondo is able to reduce anxiety, enhance self-esteem, and promote social adroitness.

2. Advanced levels of Taekwondo can even enhance independence, self-regulation (thinking and emotion), better classroom behaviors, mental math, and pro-social behaviors (helping others, volunteering, sharing with others and collaborating well with others)

3. Learning Taekwondo over several years and levels does not lead to childrens aggressive behaviors.

  • Learn self defense and become a Black Belt

  • Learn the value of leadership

  • Improve socialization skills

  • Make New Friends

  • Play Games Helping both Mind & Body

  • Stranger awareness classes

  • Practice discipline, courtesy, respect, and honor

  • Enter fun and safe martial arts competitions

  • Enjoy many forms of recognition and awards

  • Experience exciting belt promotion and class graduation events

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Our Summer Camp is a great way for energetic kids to safely channel their energy during summer break. Parents have the comfort of knowing that even in the summer their children are continuing to learn in a safe and stimulating environment. Your child can spend his or her summer enjoying a variety of martial arts, and non-martial arts related activities, games, and field trips all over Florida...... FUN FUN FUN !!!

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Current School Pickup Availabilities

Deep Creek

Peace River

Neil Armstrong


Meadow Park


Sallie Jones

Murdock Middle

Port Charlotte Middle

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2721 Tamiami Trail
Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Adults night classes also available
$99 per month

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